Society of Air Writers (SAW), 2014-ongoing, pending performance, Dimensions Variable.

"The only way to avoid prophecy is to make future projections real, especially as the apocalypse approaches. Starting from a short futuristic text written for Martha Schwendener's guest-edited "Alternatives" issue of The Brooklyn Rail (Feb 2013), I would like to propose the organization of a new art form-- Air Writing.

Inspired by the art of judo-master Yves Klein and ephemeral action guru James Lee Byars, I want to develop air writing as a new non-violent martial art to help combat a future of bio-technological epidemics and lost knowledge. Air writing requires both reviving the art of memorization and developing and refining the mute, calligraphic gestures of the hand. Unlike the time-lapse photographic practice of "light writing," no visible traces remain.

Training seminars, consisting of 12 selected pupils and an instructor, will be the preferred (and only official) way of promoting air writing. Each participant will select or write a text and memorize it. The instructor will help each student discover and practice their own air writing techniques. These seminars' ideal location is en plein air but in actuality they can be conducted anywhere -- they will look very much like T'ai chi demonstrations. Upon enrollment in the society, these newly certified air writers will receive an official Society of Air Writers (SAW) baton and uniform and be encouraged to perform and practice their exercises publicly and privately as well as commit to the recruitment and training of future generations of Air Writers."

Currently, I am developing the founding charter branch of The Society of Air Writers in New York and trying to secure "The First International Recruitment and Seminar Training for the Society of Air Writers" (FIRST SAW). The official colors of SAW are mauve (society), rust (air), black (writing), and ultra-violet (invisible).

-- Tyler Rowland (2014)

Images: (clockwise L to R): James Lee Byars' The Perfect Love Letter (Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium 1974), photo to represent Yves Klein's declaration (and signing) of the sky as his first artwork, Yves Klein in his judo robe, Yves Klein's The Fundamentals of Judo; block letter alphabet and numbers, cursive script alphabet, T'ai Chi movements poster, and sign language alphabet; Pending logo design for Society of Air Writers (SAW); a scene from the 2002 sci-fi film Minority Report (Tom Cruise's character is using Gestural Recognition Technology in the year 2054 AD), Tai Chi practitioners, a composer's hand with a baton, an Australian Army officer's swagger stick (designed / sold by Steve Bailes), my grandfather Colonel E. W. Ralf's military baton (a gift from the Republic of South Korea's Army), and light writing alphabet (Fire-Poi typography) by Nir Tober.