AZUSA, 2013-ongoing. Series of paintings dedicated to a single neologism. Dimensions variable.

AZUSA (“everything from A to Z in the USA," a Jack Benny joke about how Azusa, CA invented its name) is an on-going word painting series, which I invent new words to replace older less popular or over-used words. Its first manifestation is 13 text paintings and a live artwork in which I will personally no longer use certain words, replacing them with my newly created words.


[LEFT] chamele \ kuh-m?l \ vt [TROWLANDIC neologism derived from chameleon] (ca. 2008) : to change physical form < the camel ~ into a lemon >, 2013, acrylic, oil, ink, and marker on canvas, 9" x 12".

[RIGHT] dispove \ dis-p?v \ v [TROWLANDIC neologism derived from disproven, disapprove, loath and love] : to equally hate and love someone / something < I ~ you >, 2013, acrylic, oil, ink, marker, and foam "R" on canvas, 14" x 18".