Artist’s Uniform #1: The Year I Dyed All My Clothes Pink


Artist’s Uniform # 1: The Year I Dyed All My Clothes Pink involved the process of removing all color from then dying my entire wardrobe pink, as well as re-branding the clothing by replacing the original labels with my own. Interested in reversing the commodity fetishism and alienation that transpires when we accumulate objects, I sacrificed all the clothes I owned in an attempt to shift their material identity to that of “art”. I then wore this new monochromatic uniform for 365 days while attending graduate school, working construction, traveling across the country, and every other minute of the year. This activity was not only a challenge to conventions about male identity but also engaged almost everyone I encountered in a productive discourse about the effects that fashion and consumption have on an individual’s life. This project started on May 16, 2002 and ended on May 16, 2003, the day I graduated from California Institute of the Arts.

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