Artist's Statement:

Artful living, material-collecting, information-gathering, object/tool-making, and the question of work are the cornerstones of my art. I use my life, my job, my herd, and my home/studio as departure points, and believe that art has social value, is a site for cultural critique, and has the power to create agency in people. Being primarily a bricoleur, I think about things and thoughts as either tools or material. Nothing is ever trash. Simply put, I make new things from old stuff.

Painting is also always on my mind—in particular, the authority of the image and the formats of the frontal and the recto/verso. In my sculptural work, I often sacrifice or copy objects of special significance. I try to make living art and hand-made objects in such a way that they hold cultural currency and speak to the power of art and its history. Some people might say I make "art about art" but I would counter that I make "art from art" -- like the mythical Phoenix my work rises out of the toil and ashes of my artistic predecessors.

-- Tyler Rowland (2015)