The Floor Scrapers, 2006-2007 / 2012, reclaimed studio floorboards, red oak, gold paint. 56” x 60” x 84”. Part 2/6 of The Realist Manifesto series.

The Floor Scrapers, 2006-2007 / 2012, was inspired by Gustave Caillebotte’s The Floor Scrapers (1875), a painting of urban proletarian life in which three workmen plane floorboards at the artist’s home. I removed two sections of wood floor from my South Boston studio/apartment, nailed them together, and framed them. The 102 x 146 cm panels correspond to the dimensions of Caillebotte’s painting and serve as the recto and verso of a two-sided sculpture. One side retains its well-used and heavily scuffed layers of bright blue floor paint. I scraped the other side clean; now cracks and discolorations in the floorboards are visible (this side of the sculpture echoes the lower left corner of Caillebotte’s painting where a swath of floor has been gouged clean). The floorboards are displayed at 60” centered.

This sculpture was first shown publicly in the exhibition Hi Jack! at Jack Shainman Gallery in NYC (Aug 2 2012 -- Sept 1 2012).

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